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    Submission Process

    1. Please submit either a paper, a proposal for a debate, panel discussion, poster presentation or special session by 1st June 2010. All submissions should be by email to
    2. Papers will be reviewed using a double blind review process and the authors will be notified of acceptance and/or reviewers’ comments by 1st July 2010.
      1. Subject to meeting the requirements of the review process, we will publish your submission.
      2. All attendees at the event will be provided with a CD containing accepted papers, abstracts and poster presentations so that access to every paper is granted.
      3. If you have any questions, please send an email to


    Paper Submission Guidelines:

    • Either submission of an Extended Abstract: between 500 and 1.000 words.
    • Or submission of a complete article: max. 20 pages inclusive of all references, tables and figures.

    Papers should be submitted as ‘word’ documents using the following format:-

    Item Description
    Margins All 2.54cm (Normal page layout)
    Font Times New Roman 12pt
    Spacing Double Spacing
    Justification Left justified
    Maximum Length 20 pages plus title/cover page
    Title/Cover Page Title and Author (no other reference to the author should appear in the submission)Contact address – e-mail; telephone; fax.Abstract – max 100 wordsKeywords – max 4
    First Page Start of text.  Papers must include a clear indication of the purpose of the research, the research method, major results and implications, key references.


    Poster Presentation Submission Guidelines:

    • Size of A2 poster (420 x 594 mm)
    • Clear indication of research purpose, major results, implications, and key references


    Debates, panel discussions, and special sessions

    Proposals should be submitted in the same timeframe as for papers as outlined above. Please inform us in case of the need for any additional technical equipment before 1st August 2010.

    For special sessions, please attach the paper abstracts to the proposal or session description and submit to Submissions for special sessions should have a maximum of 1.000 words and include a rationale, outline, panel, and/or special session participants.